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- Shape: Round with flat bottom - Height: 1.688" (43mm) - Outside length: 7.06" (179mm) - Outside width: 5.63" (143mm) - Replacement for OEM 29325-95A filter element. K&N is the world-wide standard in high-end quality performance air filtering systems. Made from multiple layers of pre-oiled woven cotton gauze material that is mesh screen protected. They are washable and can be used as stock replacement. Filter elements are designed with a ribbed surface that will give you up to 5 times more filter area than a regular replacement filter, dramatically increasing airflow. K&N filters decrease service intervals, are better flame resistant and will last much longer than comparable foam or paper type filters. Note: Any dimensions given are approximately and for reference only. Note: HDI stands for H-D International (= export models). National models are H-D models as sold in the USA.

Fits: > 95-99 Evo B.T.; 95-03 XL1200/C/S (NU). (HDI models only)

mcs nr 909596